Retirement & Senior Living

Community Enrichment Center

Content updated April 2016

The new County Enrichment Center, located in Sturgis next to the Doyle Center, announced that it will be open beginning April 11, 2016. The facility will include an assembly room, a quiet room, a conference room, a game room, an activities room and an adult daycare center. More information to come.


Content updated February 2016

Public Transportation provides solutions to numerous challenges including access to job opportunities for millions of Americans as well as transportation options to get to work, go to school, visit friends, or go to a doctor’s office. The accessibility and opportunities created by public transportation provides important choices and options for people from all walks of life.

St. Joseph County Transportation Authority provides low-cost transportation solutions to seniors.

St. Joseph County Commission on Aging

Content updated February 2016

The St. Joseph County COA serves as the focal point for services and activities for older adults. Services include but are not limited to: education opportunities, chore assistance, home care assistance, respite care, friendly reassurance, music, arts and crafts, and home repair.

Contact the COA for more information on what services they can provide.

Retirement Communities & Day Services

Content updated February 2016

In St. Joseph County, our seniors have many services and businesses that not only support their active and social lifestyles but also provide top-quality housing and healthcare in the next stage of life as nursing and rehabilitation become necessary.

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