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Veterans Services

Content updated February 2016

St. Joseph County Veterans Services offer a "free of charge" service to our County's Veterans. Our well-trained service officers have a caring understanding of the various problems that confront not only Veterans but also their widows, widowers, and children. These compassionate professionals also provide information, referrals and resources on education, employment and business, death benefits and other important topics.

Our Service Officers know the extent, the meaning and the application of laws that have been passed by the U.S. Congress in the interests of Veterans and their dependents. They also know the rules and regulations adopted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to clarify and implement those laws.

The County Veterans Service Officer will apply specialized knowledge in the best way suited to the needs of every individual Veteran or other beneficiary who comes to the office for assistance.


We have erected a veteran memorial in front of the County Courthouse in downtown Centreville. We encourage you to visit and remember all those who have provided our freedom through their sacrifice.

As They Died to Make Mankind Free, Let Us Live to Complete the Task

Veterans of World War I

Austin, Harold Darwin - Baer, Clyde Cicero - Becker, Gustav G. - Behan, William J. - Blood, Robert B. - Brown, Arthur Floyd - Cole, Harold J. - Cross, Fred - Delehant, Leslie, E. - Eberhard, Glen M. - Estes, Simon - Haas, Eugene - Hice, Louis Krum - Hall, Earle Laverne - Hull, Levi Welch - Johnson, Raymond Warren - Klopfenstein, John - Krull, Rueben · McKenzie, Earl - Milner, George Edward - Mowery, Clyde Leroy - Mowery, Vera - Myers, Harold Allen - Neuman, Harry - Oldorf, Freeman John - Parker, Henry L. - Pulver, Underwood E. - Rexford, Harry - Robbins, Ralph - Rose, Floyd H. - Schrader, John - Smittendorf, Eugene D. - Soule, George Ebenezer - Stears, Arthur - Stenberg, Lyall - Swartz, Robert Edward - Symons, Donald A. Elmarion - Vanfleet, Frank - Vanselous, Emery William - Welty, Russell W. - Wenzel, Byron Walter - West, George Otis - White, Marshall G. - Wood, Clark - Wood, William Henry


Veterans of World War II

Affhalter, George F. - Avery, Otis J. - Blossom, James - Blue, Robert - Boerman, Chester - Boeschenstein, A.C. - Bonebright, Jerold Ed - Bonfiglio, Louis J. - Bowen, Lawrence R. - Bowman, James K. - Bupp, Kenneth R. - Burdick, Lyle Edward - Cekander, Jacob - Chapla, Robert W. - Comer, Robert G. - Cook, Leonard L. - Craven, Gerald C. - Creager, Ralph E. - Culp, Gordon B. - Davis, Andrew, Jr. - Dickinson, Richard A. - Dillen, Harold W. - Dorian, John E. - Draime, Earl W. - Friend, Earl, Jr. - Frisch, Rudolph - Frye, Howard G. - Gearhart, Arden G. - Gowker, Arthur R. - Grisamer, George - Hafer, Robert S. - Hasbrouck, John D. - Hay, Richard J. - Hoffine, Harry O. - Hudson, William O. - Hutton, James - Jackson, Warren F. - Johns, Robert L. - Jonker, Eugene C. - Keesler, Donald - Kelly, John - Keyes, Dale W. - Kline, John S. - Koontz, Robert - Koschnitzky, Frank R. - Kroll, Leroy E. - Krueger, William M. - Lantz, Claud W. - Linquist, Donald W. - Lockard, Eugene J. - Lund, Rudolph Clarence - Maittiotti, Henry J. - Marshall, Charles - Maxwell, Lewis F. - McCarthy, James J. - McMaken, David J. - McNeal, Gordon Forest - Melchi, Eugene H. - Middleton, Willis R. - Miller, Earl E. - Miller, Walter Raymond - Milliman, Harold L. - Mitchell, Alvin - Mohney, Clinton F. - Murray, Harry L. - Newport, Walter N. - Nichols, Eugene E. - Park, Forrest B. - Pierce, Wilbur Jay - Pierson, Norman Eugene - Pixley, Foster L. - Planeto, John G. - Poling, Willis - Powers Joe Oneil - Preston, Max R. - Raudman, Harry H. - Reed, Richard H., Jr. - Richcreek, Lloyd R. - Riggs, Merlin W. - Ripple, Howard - Rogers, Bert S. - Ryan, William Herbert - Schultz, John E. - Selby, Ralph W., Jr. - Selby, Robert B. - Shew, Vaughn B. - Shirley, Cecil - Shisley, Charles E. - Shively, Benjamin Franklin - Shutes, Frederick W. - Shutes, Howard I. - Simmers, Calvin C. - Simone, Thomas S. - Sites, Dale H. - Smart, Laverne L. - Snow, Thomas E. - Snyder, Francis G. - Spencer, Jack B. - Stone, Dale Eugene - Swihart, Charles - Tricker, Jack L. - Turner, Guy C. - Turner, Karl H. - White, George V. - Wray, Albert S.


Veterans of the Korean War

Golden, William E. - Hackenburg, James E. - Herman, Marshal - Reed, Paul D.

Veterans of Other Wars

Morris, Brian L. - Iraq 2005 · Edds, Jonathan W. - Iraq 2007 · Rodgers, Kristopher D. - Afghanistan 2008

Veterans of the Vietnam Conflict

Baker, Ruston Lee - Bennett, Kenneth Devon - Brady, Joseph James - Bryan, Robert Lamarr - Butler, Dennis Lee - Crossman, Gregory John - Cunningham, Jerry Max - Hilyard, James Harold - James, Donald, Jr. - Knox, Irville J. - Lamb, Elwin Jay - Large, Bruce Edward - Ruple, Homer Alfred, Jr. - Smith, Andre Pedro

For more information, please contact:

urlStoney A. Summey
Director fo Veteran Services

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