(From 'Paddling Through History in St. Joseph County') From Factoryville to Rawson's Mill the Nottawa Creek channel has good depth and strong flow, with few deadfalls. Approaching the bridge at Fulton Road check for head clearance beneath the bridge. The boat may be pulled out on the south and put back in across the road.

Once behond the bridge, a portage must be made to work around an old concrete dam and a rock weir on the left. The left channel is not navigatable. The boat must be hauled out on the south approach to the larger dam on the right channel.

Carefully select a channel through Kidd's Pond a few minutes downstream. A portage of Rawson's Mill involves going under the bridge and steering left above the dam. A short trail leads to the put-in. From the mill to the St. Joseph River tight naeuvering will be needed to avoid snags and strainers.

15 minutes past the M-60 bridge go left around the island. A shallow section after the island may call for wading before reaching the much larger St. Joseph River.

Short to medium recreational boats are best suited to this section. Recommended experience: Intermediate on Nottawa Creek, novice on the St. Joseph River.

At this time, we do not have updated river condition information.